Once the blocks of pure titanium are sculpted into the ARCANE body, the raw material is going through surface treatment to give it one of three highly cosmetic finishes. A layer of silver PVD coating will then protect the chosen cosmetic finish.

Each titanium cosmetic finish will give a unique outlook to your ARCANE, you can chose between the glossy mirror polished, the shiny stardust-like sandblasted and the matte heavy brushed.


Each ARCANE can be personally engraved with a short sentence to reflect your own personal mantra or celebrate a special occasion.


Your ARCANE comes with an Italian calf leather pouch, handmade with grey insert. Additionally, several alternative insert colors are available as well as full collections of pouches made of various skins to match your tastes and preferences.

  • Crocodile Black

  • Italian Black calf leather Blue Insert

  • Lizard Blue

  • Snakeskin Natural

  • Lizard Red

  • Crocodile Deep Blue

  • Italian Black calf leather Grey Insert

  • Lizard Green

  • Crocodile Purple

  • Italian Black calf leather Orange Insert

  • Lizard Grey

  • Galuchat Stingray

  • Italian Black calf leather Red Insert

  • Lizard Yellow


Your ARCANE is bundled with a full set of accessories packaged in a piano black wooden box.


  • Personalized ARCANE phone
  • Italian calf leather pouch - grey
  • AKG ARCANE K3003 titanium edition with:
    • Headset
    • Leather pouch
    • Flight adaptator
    • 3x audio filters
    • 20 adaptative anti-allergenic buds
  • 128 GB SD Card
  • 2 Batteries
  • 2 Quick charge 2.0 chargers (EURO / UK)
  • USB Cable
  • Authenticity card
  • Mark Levinson certification card
  • Quickstep guide
  • Charging station redeem card/li>
  • Display Price in
  • USD
  • HKD
  • Shipping to
  • U.S.A.
  • Hong Kong