Timeless design

ARCANE is poised to withstand the test of time with its unique design based on the Golden Ratio.

The distinctive look steams from the sapphire strip that runs around the titanium body and from the diamond cuts corners, a design statement in the current ocean of sameness.

Elegance here means removing needless ornaments and focusing on the purity of the materials, without compromising them with plastics of any kind.


ARCANE’s body is carved out of unalloyed grade 5 titanium ingots.

The surface is then treated to give it one of three distinct finishes: brushed, mirror polished or sandblasted.

The high grade titanium possesses incredible strength to weight ratio but it is the addition of a scratch resistant layer of PVD coating that seals the superior finish quality for a lifetime.


Finally the titanium body is bonded with the 255 carats of pure sapphire crystal
that will protect the screen, camera lenses and multiple sensors


For centuries, luxury watches crafted by master artisans have represented a symbol of refinement. In the same tradition and culture, countless hours have been dedicated to crafting the ARCANE into a subtle statement of mastery.

The watchmaking heritage doesn’t stop at the use of precious materials and obsessive attention to details, it carries on in the mechanical design. The use of the physical buttons for instance is a testimony to durability and user experience.

But it is perhaps on the inside that the passion for craftsmanship reveals itself the most. Hidden behind the battery cover are the skeleton back, the Geneva Stripes and the fine personal engraving.

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