Powered by FANTÔME OS.

FANTÔME OS is a proprietary Operating System based on Android exclusively developed for the ARCANE.

It allows users to access the Android store and install all the applications available on any other Android device. However it integrates unique security features and provides innovative ways to protect your privacy to fully secure your device without impacting the user experience.


FANTÔME OS unique virtualization engine opens up a new world of possibilities and security features andremoves the need to carry several phones with you.

With this powerful software technology, you can easily create and erase virtual phones on your ARCANE, each one completely separated from the others, with its own settings, contacts, applications and content.

This means that you can have a perfectly secured work phone, a completely free personal phone where you can safely try any applications, a temporary local phone when traveling, a family friendly phone or a fully hidden phone protecting your most sensitive data, simultaneously powered by FANTÔME OS on your ARCANE.


The need to protect your private data and communications to avoid any leak of sensitive information or breach of confidentiality is at the heart of FANTÔME OS.

Our Operating System is featuring hardware accelerated full disk encryption as well as data in motion security (including full text messages and phone calls encryption).

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